Plum Perfect


Plum Perfect asked me to redesign their app landing page and how to best display new features within the app. They're looking at rolling out a samples feature for users, and a unique beauty tutorial feature customized for each user. I took a look at the onboarding process and how this could integrate with existing features. I gave my client several possibilities and further user research could help us determine which option would help them meet both business and user goals.


Plum Perfect is a makeup/beauty app that brings revolutionary technology to an already crowded, competitive space. Users upload a selfie to the platform and with Plum Perfect's unique algorithms, users are matched with appropriate brands and color matches based on their skin tone. 

Given how challenging it is to find the appropriate matching foundation shade, an app like Plum Perfect is set to revolutionize how shoppers find their next beloved product. This product has numerous useful features, and the technology it's built on is exceptionally helpful, all year round. For example, I can see if I'm wearing the right shade of foundation or concealer given the time of year and how dark my skin has gotten from any recent sun exposure.


Plum Perfect App Redesign option 1 PNG.png