Synapse Healthcare Solutions

A few examples of my client work for Synapse. I created several handouts for the sales team used for their pitches to hospital administrators. I also created handouts for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to give to former inmates who live in rural areas and would be using Synapse Healthcare in order to have access to care.

Synapse Healthcare logo_horizontal@3x.png

The handout for former inmates is below. Its goals was to ensure they understood how to access the healthcare services they are entitled to from the state.

Synapse Solutions_pull page handout.png

Stony Brook Medical Center

Presentation to the Depart of Pathology

Here is an example of a presentation slide I designed for a pathologist. He presented research he conducted while working at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. The presentation to the Stony Brook pathology team detailed how this physician withdrew transplant patients' blood and treated it with light in order to help patients' fight T-cell lymphoma.